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Community Care Site Security

Create safer, more secure community care environments for your staff and patients.  

Community care sites are rapidly expanding globally as patients demand quality healthcare closer to home.  Keeping staff and patients safe from security risks and violence in these settings is a critical and often challenging task.

The Community Care Site Security field manual is designed to be read and understood by anyone responsible for community care site security- from a practice manager to an enterprise security leader. 

The information, insights, and guidance presented in this manual are clear, concise, and actionable.  


What you can expect to learn from the Community Care Site Security field manual:

  • How to assess the physical security of your site, from lighting to the outer perimeter and the care environment.

  • Steps to improve the current level of security and violence prevention/mitigation using a layered approach.

  • Simple ways to incorporate security and violence prevention into everyday operations.

  • A realistic and sustainable approach to managing security for practice and risk managers.

  • A framework to build an enterprise-level community care security program and team.

  • And much, much more!

Available April '24
Community Care Site Security Field Manual

Patient Violence Prevention & Mitigation

This concise field manual delves into the risk factors for patient violence and the operational variables that can help or hinder a violence prevention and mitigation program.

A clear, multi-step program development process guides the efforts of healthcare security leaders and others charged with preventing and mitigating patient violence.

As an added benefit, the strategies and tactics in this manual will also help form a solid platform upon which to build out the rest of your organization's workplace violence program.


This field manual goes beyond the basics to equip you with both strategies and tactics to create and sustain an effective patient violence prevention and mitigation program in your organization.


Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Foundations of patient violence in healthcare

  • Operational risk factors for violence

  • Manifestations of patient violence

  • Catalysts of patient violence

  • How to assess your risk of patient violence

  • Maintaining your program

Patient Violence Prevention and Mitigation Field Manual
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