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I Help Healthcare Leaders Prevent & Mitigate Violence.

Hi- I'm David Corbin.  I want to help you create a care environment that's safe from violence.

I'm a healthcare violence consultant and board-certified security leader. Over the past 20+ years, I have built effective, award-winning healthcare security and workplace violence prevention programs from scratch. 


I leverage creativity and innovation to create customized violence prevention and mitigation solutions for your organization's unique circumstances. 


My mission is to stop workplace violence and restore peace to the healthcare environment - one client at a time.

I offer workplace violence consulting, training, and publications to help healthcare leaders and organizations prevent and mitigate violence.  

Consulting Services


Healthcare Violence Check-Up


The Healthcare Violence Check-Up is a fully remote, high-level, cost-effective assessment of your current violence risks and prevention & mitigation efforts.  


Workplace Violence Assessment

This is a comprehensive, on-site assessment of your violence risks, prevention & mitigation program, and facility violence mitigation measures.


Embedded Advisor Services

I will serve as an embedded expert sounding board and resource for your leadership and/or violence prevention & mitigation team.  

The Healthcare Security Institute

Tailored violence prevention & mitigation training for healthcare staff and leaders.

The Healthcare Security Institute was established in 2019 to provide innovative, role-specific on-demand violence prevention & mitigation training.  Courses featuring bite-size lessons and ready-to-use strategies are perfect for busy healthcare professionals.


The Healthcare Security Field Manual series is your resource for creating safer, more secure care environments.

With a focus on critical topics in workplace violence and security, the Healthcare Security Field Manual series is the go-to resource for creating safer, more secure care environments.

Community Care Site Security Field Manual


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